It is okay as a leader or an influencer for people to discover you have weaknesses & you aren’t perfect. This discovery will help others around you see you’re no more human than they are. They’ll better appreciate their humanity with its flaws, without being too hard on themselves when they fall. This is real leadership!

Intelligent people can sniff out the schemes of a leader portraying himself as having no weaknesses from a mile away. In no time, these folks will leave his team, one after the other, leaving behind boot-licking and sycophantic followers.

Allowing your team see your weaknesses only gives them the chance to see themselves in you. You’ll hold their attention and loyalty as you mirror them by this real approach.

People will naturally connect with what they can identify with. In their world of reality, there is no such thing as a perfect human, let alone a leader. To deliberately cover up your tracks of weakness is to make yourself a figure above their grasp. At this point, you have declared yourself a RULE and not a LEADER. (The RULE of law is usually above everyone. It must be obeyed, otherwise unpleasant outcomes will follow)

Leadership as we have come to know it is born out of influence. You cannot influence people when they don’t make a natural confluence (or flow) towards you. A confluence occurs in nature when two or more rivers flow towards a point that shares the same level with them. The greatest leaders (both past and present) share this trait.

Where there is no common ground (or CONFLUENCE) between the declared, appointed or instituted leader and the followers, there can never be INFLUENCE.

No LEADERSHIP, no CHANGE of the status quo

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