The Shepherd: I have given you a command to go preach the gospel to the 1 lost sheep. Go now! Time is running out! They must be brought into the sheepfold!

The 99: We worship you our Father, King, Lord and Master!

The Shepherd: Haven’t I commanded you to go out there to reach the 1 lost sheep? Why haven’t you gone? Why do you

The 99: We are organizing great worship meetings so You can have a great harvest of worship because we love You. Oh! How we love You!

The Shepherd: If you truly you love me, then keep my command! Go! Go out there and bring in the lost 1 sheep! Do not delay! Go now!

The 99: All power belongs to You. You heal the sick, raise the dead and make impossible situations possible. You can do all things. You can save the lost. We are powerless, but You’re All Powerful. We are weak, but You are Strong and Mighty oh God!

[the 99 speaking to themselves, began to say]: Let us stay here and build a tabernacle of worship for our King. Afer all, He dwells in the praises of His people. He wants nothing else but our worship. This is His Desire.

[then in a sudden twist of intercessions and reluctance to follow the Shepherd’s lead, the 99 begin to say]: You can turn world from evil. Oh Lord! Turn the hearts of men to You!

The Shepherd: Though I will never leave nor forsake you, I must go after the 1 lost sheep. Won’t you go with Me? Can’t you see that this is My heartbeat and Ultimate Desire? Can’t you see that I want the lost to be brought back just as I once brought you back to Myself? Won’t you join Me? Don’t you know that those who do not gather the harvest with Me are actually scattering it? Can’t you see that those who are not working with Me are working against Me? What has blinded you and kept you from seeing Truth? Is it your prosperity, your teachers, your pet goals and ambitions?

The 99:

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