Without a doubt, I love ME (and really I mean it๐Ÿ˜). Yet, I don’t have to announce it to the world because they don’t need to know by my words but by my SELFLESS deeds towards others. The most potent proof that I love myself is that I show love to others “Love thy neighbour as thyself” With this principle of love, you can’t go wrong!

The world is full of insecure people. When insecure people hear us merely and boldly say “I love me”, their natural reaction is to be defensive and consequently say “I love me too”, even when it is obvious that they don’t.

We spread LOVE and not DEFENSIVENESS by SHOWING insecure people that we truly love them and not just TELLING them how much we love ourselves. (this is taking for granted that we love ourselves and don’t feel insecure, regardless of the actions or inactions of others)

In comparison to a direct contact infection, SELFLESS LOVE is only contagious when we TOUCH the hearts of people by SHOWING.

In her book titled, Mindset, Carol Dweck affirms from her numerous years of research work in psychology that those with over-the-top self-love have a fixed mindset. They tend to try hard to prove they are special, superior and entitled. They often see themselves more valuable and better than others. Their definition of failure is the inability to prove their specialness.

The most important part of this life-love journey is SHOWING and not TELLING (errrhm. But telling is also important sha. Ask the husband who hasn’t been doing the TELLING lately ๐Ÿ˜œ).

We must not forget that the rewarding joys of love can’t be enjoyed if love itself is hidden away in the safe of self (self-love) and not shared.

However, selfless love is not posture of self-disrespect, neither is it an invitation to self-neglect. It is not a doorway to stupidity in the name of humility; neither is it a badge of weakness. Selfless love is an insignia of strength and triumph of self-limitations.

So here’s my pointโ€ฆ
The world DOESN’T necessarily need to HEAR ME SAY “I love me”; they certainly need to SEE ME DO “I love you”

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