Earlier in the day, I was watching a movie on my phone with my earpiece plugged in. A few minutes into the movie, I was interrupted by a nieghbour’s call. So, I quickly took off the earpiece and dropped it somewhere.

After a couple of hours, I resumed my movie and soon realized I couldn’t find my earpiece. So I went searching for it. I looked everywhere👀. I got so concerned of where I had mistakenly dropped it that I went to search the stinking waste bin outside my apartment (🙊). “I must have mistakenly trashed it along with some dirts“ so I thought. My search was to no avail. So I decided to watch the movie without it. I got to a particular scene of the movie and it got me thinking of the need to forgive the hurt I had in my heart against someone. Honestly, I was oblivious to the hurt which had been lurking in my heart for a long time. In response to the need to forgive, I reached for my iPad so I could write a love and forgiveness poem in order to unburden my heart. As I picked up my iPad, guess what I found?…a $1million dollar cheque with name written on it! (Yeah right! 😂) I found my missing earpiece hidden under the iPad! My response to forgive the hurt in my heart reunited me with my cherished earpiece🤗

Isn’t it amazing that a simple and sincere act of forgiveness could lead us on the path of recovery?

Here’s the poem of love and forgiveness which to led to finding my earpiece:

Love shines it beautiful light
Beyond the limits of your might
To help find your way in the dark
And give the peace you now lack

Better to forgive than to be right
It dissolves hurt & ends the fight
Soon, your heart becomes lighter
& your face kindly shines brighter

-Tope Jay

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