About The Book

An easy-to-read compendium of poems and quotes, Précis captures thought provoking lines that will inspire you like no other volume of words. This book comes with colourful and unique images that will help you readily capture and distill the unlimited flux of wisdom for a life–with meaning–without borders.


About The Book

The essence of this compendium is to convey nothing else but the WHISPERS of God’s heartbeat. Once upon a time, we were all–as mortals–on our way to eternal separation from God, undeserving of His unconditional compassion. However, in order to save us from our destructive selves through the agency of Jesus, God qualified us–not just to listen in on the echoes of His soul satisfying voice, but–to hear His reassuring WHISPERS, more so in times when the loudest of man’s intervention won’t help.

Such WHISPERS deliver the capacity to eternally calm the storms of life.

Piece Of Mind

About The Book

The book, Piece Of Mind derives its title from the bits of diversities of spiritual, mental and emotional expressions of the author. This distinctive poem-prose volume expresses in various ways his cravings and views mixed with present day realities and guided by the Triune God’s perspective to life and existence.

Within this book are enshrined 19 chapters; each serving its readers with truths embedded in a poem, an accompanying note and a pullout quote.

It embraces titles that border around Faith, Love & Relationship, God’s Love, Prayer, The Bible, Worry, The Second Coming of Christ, Focus and Inspiration.

Piece of Mind promises to equip its readers with vital lessons which are Christ-centered employing the engaging tool of poetry.