Your love is stronger than death
There's nothing like it in all the earth
It is not just a story in the bookshelf
It is far better than all of life itself

Let me look into your eyes of dove
And feel the sweetest bliss from above
Let me catch a glimpse of You so free
Making every moment what it should be
Let me fight with a mindset of victory
By Your life here-on-earth's history
Let me grow through days in Your name
Knowing that my fears will always wane 
And when the day is past and dead
I'll be in Your bosom lying my head
In the place where my frail humanity
Meets with the All-bearing Divinity
When about this love they ask me why
I'll speak up gracefully; I won't be shy
I'll say that You and I have just begun
What shall be perfected at Your return
Tope Jay

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